Manduca Cover MaM Winter Deluxe

The Manduca cover for winter season. A cuddly and warm MaM Winter Deluxe Carrier Cover for your baby.

Winter Deluxe Black:
Our babywearing cover for cold days and winter season. It is the warmest MaM cover available.
Manduca winter cover stone/phantom black Baby carrier cover black Mum Tragecover

If you like to walk through the creaking snow in winter with your baby, you should pack it well. Therefore the MaM Carrier Cover was created. The trendy black WinterDeluxe version take your baby safe for wind, snow and cold temperatures. The cover is breathable and waterproof. Thanks to elastic cords, it also fits each and every dress.

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The DeluxeWinter cover is reversible in the field of micro-fiber polyester outer and inner lining made of polyester fleece lining. In the space between the materials you can find a layer of PUL. It's for the water resistance.
Material: 100 % polyester
Colour: Black