Belt pouch Manduca

The Belt pouch Manduca is a very practical thing during baby wearing.You can use it while wearing the baby carrier and need no shoulder bag. The belt pouch Manduca is multi functional. You can choose to wear it at the belt and as shoulder bag as needed.

Benefits of Manduca belt pouch:

Manduca belt pouch Manduca shoulder bag belt pouch belt pouch Manduca

Belt pouch Manduca close up

How Manduca belt pouche convinced

The belt pouch of Manduca is an elegant and pretty good looking accessoire for every cloth. Within some seconds you can change it into a shoulder bag. Also one very positiv side of the belt pouch, is the changeable girth on it. It does not matter how tall you are, the belt pouche fits. You can order it here.

Material: 55 % hemp / 45 % organic cotton
Color: black